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Development Center
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MSBDC Business Services

The Mississippi Small Business Development Centers (MSBDC) help build and grow businesses in Mississippi. 

Should I contact the MSBDC?

How will the MSBDC help me?

Small businesses account for approximately 98 percent of all businesses in Mississippi today.

Should I contact the MSBDC?

Can you define and answer the following questions?
If you can not answer the questions, please contact us for free help!

  1. Are your Gross Margin percentages declining?

  2. Are your Gross Sales becoming constant or negative over time?

  3. Does one customer represent more than 15% of Gross Sales?

  4. Is your Inventory Turnover lower than average?

  5. More than 80% of your customers are previous clients.

  6. Is your Debt to Equity ratio greater than 2:1?

  7. You do not have a Business Plan.

  8. Your Accounts Receivables are factored.

  9. All business decisions are referred to and made by the owner.

  10. Customer satisfaction is not routinely measured.

Did you answer YES to any of the 10 questions above?  Were you unsure about any of the 10 questions above?  If so, you should visit the MSBDC contact page to initiate the completely free services of the MSBDC.

How will the MSBDC help me?

Your local Mississippi SBDC is a one-stop resource center for free counseling, workshops and information services for existing businesses and start-ups.

MSBDC assists businesses in:

  • developing and updating business plans
  • creating marketing strategies
  • identifying and accessing sources of capital
  • improving managerial skills
  • analyzing financial records
  • refining other business services as required

Workshops are conducted throughout the state at locations convenient to the general population and small business community. The topics of the workshops  are designed to address aspects of operating and maintaining a small business profitably.

Workshop Topics may include:

  • starting a small business
  • tax planning
  • record keeping
  • doing business with the government
  • financial management
  • special topics

Navigate to the MSBDC locations page for your local MSBDC contact information.


Call 1-800-725-7232 for the location and phone number of the SBDC nearest your location.


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